What is an end of life Doula?
 End of life Doulas educate, and empower people and their loved ones to
be involved in making decisions about end of life care and their death.
The word “doula” is Greek for servant or helper. A death Doula supports
a person during the dying process, providing support that is catered to
the individuals needs, beliefs, and desires. The process of death can
span months or years, and a doula will support those times.

Why choose a Doula?
  Doulas can help fill the void between the medical system and the
families. Complementing the care from family, the medical team, or care
facility during the dying process. Although palliative care teams are
wonderful, they often Don’t have the hours available to devote to the
dying person or their loved ones. Doulas tie the medical support and
emotional support together. Doulas figure out with families where they
are at, what they need, what is overwhelming them, what kind of services
are they looking for. Doulas help alleviate some stress off of families
and care givers by encouraging self care and being supportive through
emotional and physical support. Doulas help with peace of mind, advocate
for the dying, facilitate, and navigate the stages and process of death.

My goal as a Doula?
  My goal as a Doula is to ease the misconceptions and uncertainties of
death and its process. We all die, yet conversations about death,
funerals, final moments, final wishes, organ donation, medical assisted
death, are all things that most find taboo. Whether it is a sudden
death, terminal diagnosis, cancer, or old age, I want to open
conversations and bring awareness to there being options of how you want
your death or final stages to look. I want to help people of all ages
make sure that they have advance care plans in place, personal
directives, organ donor knowledge, and wills if the need be. Death can
be a very stressful time, but having knowledge and being prepared can
ease burden of your loved ones.